About ORC

With decades of industry leading experience in manufacturing automotive electromagnetic clutches, Ogura Clutch is found in more than 300 million vehicles produced worldwide.

With extensive technical capabilities, high quality, and unmatched reliability, Ogura Clutch introduced racing clutches to meet the needs of all types of users.

From street use to race only, there is a clutch for every type of customer need.

This is the “Ogura Racing Clutch” brand



ORC has an extensive history of providing clutch applications for the most competitive series. From D1GP to Super Taikyu, All Japan GT Championship, and numerous other racing series, top competitors use ORC for their clutch needs.

With a lightweight chromoly flywheel manufactured with FEM (finite element method) analysis, rotational mass is reduced for improved engine response. The flywheel is coupled with the precision machined aluminum pressure plate via nine connecting shafts to disperse torque loads from high stress racing situations, and specially designed diaphragm springs allow consistent and reliable clamping force.

The optimal combination of the clutch cover diaphragm springs and high friction, low wear metal-based discs provides ORC clutch kits with high transmission torque capacity with a small disc diameter (as small as 137mm) for improved engine response.

Some clutch discs have a spring mechanism built in to reduce drivetrain shock and chatter when the clutch engages, so the driver can enjoy a smooth driving experience.

ORC Carbon clutches feature a hub drive to improve the engagement and feel of carbon clutch discs, which has a coefficient of friction that changes with temperature.

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About ORC

Founded in 1938, Ogura Clutch has over 80 years of manufacturing experience in electromagnetic clutch kits for all types of automotive and industrial applications.

As the performance division of Ogura Clutch, Ogura Racing Clutch (ORC) has been an industry leader in racing clutches for all types of motorsports. With participation in top tier motorsports such as Super GT, Super Taikyu endurance race, and D1 Grand Prix, racers trust ORC for their most critical performance parts.

Used by professionals and amateurs all over the world, ORC provides unmatched quality and high performance. For street use, having ORC means enhanced performance without sacrificing drivability.


About NTP

With over 25 years of experience in the automotive aftermarket, NTP specializes in the importing and distribution of OEM branded parts for clients across North America. NTP is a division of SPK Group.

Based in Osaka, Japan, SPK Group recently celebrated its 100th anniversary. As a leading supplier of automotive parts around the world, SPK Group provides decades of automotive parts logistical expertise.