Frequently Asked Questions

About ORC

What is ORC?

Ogura Racing Clutch (ORC) is the performance division of Ogura Clutch Co. of Gunma, Japan, with a history dating back 80 years to 1938.

Where are your clutch kits manufactured?

Ogura Racing clutch kits are manufactured in Gunma, Japan.

Is ORC sold in the US?

ORC is exclusively imported by NTP, based in Torrance, California.


Who should buy ORC kits?

We recommend ORC for any user who wants improved engine and throttle response, and intends to replace the factory flywheel with a lightened aftermarket unit.

What is the benefit of a lightened flywheel?

By reducing the rotational mass of the engine assembly, a lightened flywheel greatly increases throttle response and allows the engine to rev faster. Ogura Racing clutches are designed with this in mind, so engine response is optimized with everyday drivability.

Which type of clutch kit is suitable for me?

We recommend clutch kit based on engine output and usage scenario. The first criteria is how much torque the engine is generating. Second, different driving conditions dictate different types of clutch disc material and construction. We recommend a complete discussion with your authorized ORC dealer for more information, or contact us.

How do I determine the torque capacity of ORC kits?

ORC kits are rated based on usage. Light Series is for stock engines with mild bolt-ons or tuning. Other kits such as Metal Series have approximate torque ratings within the part number or model designation. For example, Metal 409 Single has an approximate torque capacity of 400 NM, which is about 300 ft-lb.

Dealer/End User

Where can I find an ORC dealer?

Please visit our Dealer page or email us for more information.

How do I become a dealer?

Please send us a dealer inquiry at info@orc-ntp.com


Is there any warranty for ORC products?

ORC kits are sold “as-is” and we do not cover damages from racing, abuse, or neglect. However, we do take the quality of our products seriously. Should you have any issues, please contact us.

I purchased my clutch kit from a 3rd party seller online. Do you offer any support?

At this time we only offer support and warranty for clutch kits purchased via an authorized ORC dealer in North America. If you purchased from an ORC reseller from outside of North America, you will have to get warranty support from them.