The Light Series clutch kits by ORC were developed with drivability and response as the main benefits.

Key features of the clutch includes:

  • Lightweight flywheel and clutch cover achieves a weight reduction of 20-40% versus factory components.

  • Organic friction materials is utilized on the clutch disc for smooth, chatter-free engagement.

  • With the standard cover, pedal feel is approximately the same as factory clutch. The high pressure cover provides increase clamping force and higher torque capacity, and pedal feel is approximately 30% stiffer than stock.


The Metal Series clutch kits are offered in single and multi-disc versions for various types of driving needs, including a quiet type with chatter suppression, a damperless type that emphasizes clutch engagement and response, and a high friction disc type. 

Key features of this clutch include

  • Metallic discs provide immediate engagement and high torque capacity.

  • Slits are incorporated in the pressure plate and mid-discs for heat management, ensuring consistent clutch performance under demanding conditions. 

  • Standard Metal Series include clutch discs with a built-in damper. However, a damperless option is available for those seeking better clutch response. 

  • For high horsepower applications, a floating hub mechanism is available that improves durability and operability under extreme conditions.

SE CLUTCH ロゴ.jpg

SE Clutch was developed to improve the driving feeling of Metal Series. With a cushioning mechanism built in to the pressure plate, the “half clutch” engagement area has been greatly expanded. The difficulties of driving with a reinforced clutch has been removed.

Key features of this clutch include

  • Upgraded pressure plate allows smooth engagement throughout the pedal range, so driving with an upgraded clutch is much easier.

  • Reduces drivetrain shock via smoother clutch engagement, increasing longevity of transmission/differential/drivetrain components.


ORC produced the Carbon Clutch to meet the most demanding performance needs. With lightweight carbon material, immediate response and maximum power transmission can be achieved.
There are no compromises with a Carbon Clutch.

Key features of this clutch include:

  • Lightweight carbon discs weigh about half of a regular metal disc, so gear changes can be immediate and precise.

  • Under high performance situations, carbon material exhibits superior torque characteristics. For street use, carbon clutch kits are easy to modulate for daily drive. 


For those wanting maximum response for racing needs, ORC developed the Racing Concept clutch to meet your needs. With a focus on reducing weight, immediate response and high performance is achieved for circuit demands.

Key features of this clutch include

  • FEM analysis produces an ultra lightweight flywheel for maximum throttle response and engine pickup.

  • With a special lightweight clutch cover, the entire rotating mass is greatly reduced. Compared to original equipment, weight savings up to 70% can be achieved.

  • By eliminating the damper mechanism on the clutch disc, lightning quick shifts can be achieved with no loss of drivability.